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Tuesday, February 14 2012

Hung Liu "Heritage" exhibition closing at the end of this month-Last chance!

We are very honored to see one of our high-esteemed artists Hung Liu's solo exhibition"Heritage" keep receiving very good review.Still ranking the top exhibitions in Cityweekend latest issue.


Monday, February 6 2012

Hung Liu "Heritage" exhibition ranking in the top 10 exhibitions of That's Shanghai

sc0000-7.jpgsc0001-5.jpg We are very pleased to see our artist Hung Liu's solo exhibition "Heritage" has been so successful so far. Besides Cityweekend, Time out, we are now also in That's Shanghai February issue top 10 exhibitions. Thank you for all the media friends supports. Elisabeth de Brabant art center will keeping presenting high qualify Chinese contemporary artists.

Friday, February 3 2012

AERIS Emagazine features Hung Liu "Heritage" in their Chinese New Year Special issue


About this magazine:

AERIS magazine directly targets young, educated, male and female professionals, who are from, or bear a connection to, China.

AERIS provides a distinctly youthful and Chinese-oriented lifestyle education in all things- from personal suit styling to wine appreciation; how to invest in modern art, or where to find the new undiscovered getaway…

Elegant and edgy, AERIS mission is to deliver uncompromising style and substance, in the Chinese era.

Thursday, January 12 2012

Hung Liu "Heritage" exhibition on top 5 exhibitions of Cityweekend


Wednesday, January 11 2012

"Heritage" - new exhibition of works by Hung Liu open to the public from January 12th, 2012


Friday, January 6 2012

Hung Liu Solo Exhibition"Heritage" opening on 12, January 2012

Exhibition Introduction:Artist Hung Liu may have been painting in America since 1984, but Chinese history has always stayed at the core of her work. In her oil paintings, which stem from historic Chinese photographs, she desires both “to preserve and destroy the image.” The manner in which she's added washes and drips fluidify the photo-inspired images and parallel how memories dissolve into history.Elisabeth de Brabant Art Center is dedicated to showing the fine artworks of contemporary Chinese artists. We are very pleasure and honored to present "Heritage" a collection of oil paintings, lithographs and resin artworks by Hung Liu. The pieces best represent some of Hung Liu's more poetic and sentimental works; charting an incredible personal and artistic journey . 拥有刘虹这样艺术才能的艺术家非常少见,刘虹在绘画技巧和绘画主题上都有很高的天赋,可以称得上我们这个时代伟大的艺术家。我怀着无比的快乐和深深的崇敬之情推出了“传承”画展。这些画作包括了刘虹最具代表性的油画,平板印画和树脂画。此次展出的作品最能代表刘虹一些较为充满诗意和情感的作品,展现了无以伦比的艺术家个人天赋和艺术心旅。在惠特尼博物馆、沃克博物馆、旧金山现代艺术博物馆和旧金山亚洲博物馆以及德阳博物馆的永久收藏品里都挂有刘虹的作品。我们很自豪我们艺术中心把她列为最受人尊敬的艺术家之一. Falconer_II_hi-res.jpg Falconer_II, Hung Liu